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Ice Cream Recipes & Hints
This page will help you get the most of your White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer.
You'll find tested ice cream recipes and helpful hints to ensure your homemade ice cream tastes delicious every time.
Helpful Hints
  • Protect all working surfaces with newspaper. Salt is corrosive.
  • Use a glass or plastic measuring cup for rock salt, since salt pits metal.
  • It is best to make a cooked recipe the night before so it has plenty of time to chill.
  • Freezing should not be too slow or too fast. A greater amount of salt will melt the ice faster, causing the ice cream to freeze faster.
  • Always use rock salt in the freezer, never use table salt.
  • Use a wooden spoon for stirring and repacking ice cream to retard melting.
  • Keep the dasher blades 1/8 inch away from the metal dasher.
  • The time of freezing can be determined when it becomes difficult to turn the crank handle, or when the motor begins to sound like it is really straining.
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